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Flat slide valves

Flat slide valves cut-off the flow of bulky solids and prevent powder formed, fine or coarse bulky solids from flowing in behind. Shut-off valves from Redelfs are applied as emergency shut-off or process valves and are distinguished through their sturdy and long-lived construction with a minimum installation height.
  • operation
    • electromotive,
    • pneumatic,
    • hydraulic or
    • manual
  • round, rectangular, quadratic
  • pressure surge protected
    up to 10 bar (for systems
    that are vulnerable to dust
    or explosions)
  • also available in
    special materials
  • for temperatures up to 600C
  • gas-tight to the outside
  • waterproof to the outside
  • pressure tight to the outside
  • dustproof
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