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Trough chain conveyors

Trough chain conveyors transport fine grain to coarse grain bulky solids. A continuous chain with cross webs (attachments) runs in a closed trough made of sheet steel elements that convey the bulky solids in a careful manner. Depending on the type of attachment, these can be conveyed horizontally, with an upward gradient or even vertically. The feed and the release of the material can be carried out at any position. The exposure of dust and odours are efficiently avoided through transporting the bulky solids in an enclosed trough. The conveyance can be carried out in the lower trough as well as in the upper trough or it is also possible to convey in both at the same time. Trough chain conveyors can also be applied as a circulating conveyor.
  • powder tight
  • pressure tight
  • gas tight
  • waterproof
  • pressure surge protected
  • also available in
    special materials
  • wear resistant
  • for temperatures up to 400C
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